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Hot and Mean presents: Jessica Lynn and Jazy Berlin in open your blouse and say ahhhh!!! episode

Scene Title: Open Your Blouse and Say Ahhhh!!!

Storyline: When Jazy's normal doctor Yancee is replaced by a new doctor, she's hesitant at first. When the beautiful Jessica Lynn informs Jazy that she'll be her doctor, Jazy becomes oddly intrigue by the idea of a girl doctor. What starts out as routine checkup quickly turns into a full body exam and not just the patient's but the doctor's as well.
Lesbians: Jessica Lynn and Jazy Berlin
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Hot and Mean Jessica Lynn and Jazy Berlin HD Video Trailer

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What people are saying about: Jessica Lynn and Jazy Berlin - Open Your Blouse and Say Ahhhh!!! hotandmean scene

Comment #1

Jessica Lynn is so fuckn gorgeous! She's hot but not in a slutty porn star kinda way.. She's the type of chick I'd see in public and go whoa she's hot, but would never expect her to be a slut. Lucky for me, she is! and she is a porn star lol

Comment #2

This scene is awesome! It reminds me of all the reasons why I started loving lesbian scenes when I first got into porn as a teen! Jazy is absolutely gorgeous & Jessica is sexier than ever & the two of them together do a great job of portraying the doctor taking advantage of the innocent patient!!!

Comment #3

I've never been into lesbian scenes before but this is a huge turn on. The great thing is that there's no guy to look at. The girl's know how to please each other and the kisses are very sensual. Thanks for doing this site.

Comment #4

Id like to see Jazy Berlin in a b-g scene i thought she is pretty hot. Not to diminish Jessica but you know, new girls always seem hotter...

Comment #5

Girl on girl is hot....need more strap-on doggy style

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